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Distant/Absent Healing (Complementary Healing)

Sue offers distant/absent healing for any person, animal, place or situation.

Once set up, this will continue for one calendar month (It can be repeated)

What we will need from you:

1. a request for distant/absent healing by email, Messenger, phone etc

2. a 'witness' - which is a photo, signature or date, time, place of birth - to act as a focus

3. a little bit of background to the situation.

Cost: £40 per month, includes daily checks.

Link to payment: Click here

Book/Pay here:

Terms & Conditions


Payment is normally made at the end of each session, or paid in advance via our online shop.

Cancellation and missed session policy

If you are unable to attend your session please let me know as soon as possible.

All information will remain confidential unless both you and myself agree to discuss something with a third party.

Handling of personal information
Sue Lilly holds all data securely and is registered under the Data Protection Act 1988.

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